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Hello friends,

I should confess I work on my own website and haven’t published an update since I dropped my laptop last year and lost some of my files.  So I’m just testing the waters here to see if I can still manage on my own.

Books and projects

If you’ve not visited me before, you can click on the book covers (left sidebar) to buy any of my books through Amazon.  I announce my new releases here as well as through Facebook and my Twitter account.  All are available through Smashwords.com as well.  

Unlike most writers who may still use yellow pads and pencils, I love technology.  I love tapping keys, downloading new software, and bypassing conventional TV to have more choices.   I was fortunate to be in corporate America at a time when we traded the Wang system for PCs and then Macs.  I remember that > symbol and the power of the DOS language to produce lists or searches of the contents of a hard drive.  Compared to remembering those symbols, the software I use is amazingly simple.  And yet…

In this update I’ve included a recipe page with some of my favorite foods, macaroni and meatballs with biscotti for dessert. I've included photos and I may also add some cooking videos down the road.  

Last year my husband’s gardening produced epic results.


Thanks for visiting. Try my biscotti recipe and let me know what you think.