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Hello friends,

This year we said good-bye to our home in NJ. Steve and I bought this house when we were married, we raised three children, and it is hard to express just how difficult it was to let go.  I dont think we could have packed any more memories into it.  It is now in the hands of a new family and I know they will love it as much as we did.


Before we left, we had a wedding.  I somehow knew right after my daughter Emily was married, the right family would claim our house. Life is about beginnings and endings.  It’s pretty hard to embrace the future if you cling too tightly to the past. 


Now that Im no longer living in two states, I can spend more time writing.

Books and projects

After completing nine books, two full-length plays, a mass of scripts, screenplays, sketches, and songs I am about to do something I never thought I would do—take advice from my family.  These are the people who loved my writing but found my novels just a little too wordy.  They think I should stick with non-fiction.

I never intended to write for my own.  In fact I'll admit to waiting for some of them to pass to even disguise their presence in my books.  In general, members of my previous generation found books to be pretty irrelevant unless they contained recipes.  Why would you drag your eyes across the page when you could just as easily watch a movie, or better yet, sit around a table and talk to each other? 

We won’t talk about how many times they told the same stories.  Not yet anyway.  Or how I was dragged away from my room (my books and guitar) to participate.

But let’s see how this goes, keeping it simple, telling the truth. 

I’ve always believed fiction writers work to find truth through their stories while writers of non-fiction do their best to weave a story out of a series of facts or truths.  So I’ll attempt this backwards-writing and see if I can keep from chasing away readers who seem to genuinely want to hear from me without the frills.

Here goes…

If you’ve not visited me before, you can click on the book covers (above for the memoir, left sidebar for fiction) to buy any of my books through Amazon.  I announce my new releases here as well as through Facebook and my Twitter account. 

Thanks for visiting.  Stay warm and well.  More soon I hope!