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Hello friends,

This winter has been a struggle, not only due to the snow and cold but because my beloved Lucky is gone.  He was my constant companion for 12 years, and though my family is reeling from the loss, I am convinced my future will include life with another Golden Retriever.


I cannot wait for the slightest hint of spring, to hear the sound of the birds and feel a breeze that doesn’t sting like it’s been carried on ice.  My favorite season is fall, moderate temperatures, where I can walk outside and appreciate the colors and sounds of the leaves.  It’s also the time of the year when we make our wine with family and friends, and it sets the stage for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Books and projects

Lately I’m editing my novel FAMILY HANGOVERS.  With any luck I’ll get that one out by the spring.

I have also been working to make an audio book happen, and though it may take a while, I think I’ve finally on my way.  I may test one out in the summer.  

If you’ve not visited me before, you can click on the book covers (left sidebar) to buy any of my books through Amazon.  I announce my new releases here as well as through Facebook and my Twitter account.  All are available through Smashwords.com as well.  

Thanks for visiting.  Stay warm and well.  More soon I hope!